Thursday, January 26, 2012

8 months and 3 years

This is definitely a journaling blog...

Our little guy is eight months old today. It's crazy how time is flying by and yet I can't remember what life was like without him in our family.

Lincoln lately:

Linc got his first two bottom teeth the week before Christmas-that was a painful week for all of us :)  He is still as sweet as ever, but watch out he is attached to his mom now. Which means, his mommy's back is stiff and sore all day long from lugging the 20 pound tank around all day .

Charlie must have really motivated Lincoln at Christmas time. Linc began to pull himself up to stand a couple weeks ago and now he can't get enough. He also really wants to crawl. In fact, we all want Linc to crawl already! He has been rocking back and forth on his knees and standing on his hands and toes with his bum in the air. So hopefully soon he will stop the swimming and start the moving.

He is still very healthy and very happy. He is sleeping from 7:45pm until 5:00am most nights which makes his mommy very happy too!

Lincoln loves Koby more than ever. When we go into Koby's room after nap time Lincoln beams. His favorite thing to do is go on a motorcycle ride with his brother. Hopefully they always stay friends:)

Koby Lately:

Koby turns 3 on Sunday and what a treat he is:) He is growing up so fast. Each day he impresses us with the new things he has learned.  He is fun to have conversations with all day long. He has definitely reached the question stage.  Here are a few conversations, just to get a glimpse into his little mind:

K: Hey mom, what's in a gumball?
M: It's just gum in the shape of a ball.
K: No mom! It just has energy in it. It gives me energy so I can fly.

K: What do horses eat?
M: You tell me, what do horses eat?
M: They eat carrots and apples.
K: What do glow worms eat mom?
M: They eat bugs.
K: Yeah, they just eat bugs. Lions eat meat mom. Meat and snow. Do they like to eat snow mom?
M: I don't know if they like to eat snow.
K: I eat snow mom. I like to eat snow. Snow is good for babies to eat too.

K: Where is the Eiffel Tower?
J: The Eiffel Tower is far away. It is in Paris, France.
K: Can I go to the Eiffel Tower?
J: It's too far away. We need a lot of money to go there.
K: I will go to the Eiffel Tower.
(Later that day we were at Hobby Lobby and Koby points to something...)
K: Look there's the Eiffel Tower mom!
Sure enough...It was an Eiffel Tower made out of rod iron:)

All day long its...
Can I fly mom? Does Linc have a brain in his head mom? What's is this picture about? Is it gonna be January tomorrow? Can cars fly? Can airplanes drive? Do jellyfish like to swim mom? ...We love his questions! If you can't tell we love watching Planet Earth. Koby's favorite is watching the people free fall into the caves. He then goes around all day and "jumps into the caves!"...counters, stairs, beds, couches,  he jumps—not afraid to fall.

We are still wondering if he will slow down as he gets older. So far he is just a ball of energy. It's exhausting, but really fun. We love how much he loves life. He is just happy to be awake and alive (even at 5 am). Whenever I pass by the nursery on Sundays I peek in... He is the loudest and most active kid around. He is definitely entertaining!

Life lately:

It feels like January is just as busy as December was. We've had injury, surgery, birthdays, etc. I was recently called as the Miamaid Adviser in YW and now attend mutual each week and teach lessons on Sundays. I also still have my VT coordinator calling. Life is busy! James had surgery on his shoulder (which will get it's own blog soon) over a week ago and as much as he tries to help, which I greatly appreciate, he has been pretty much going at about 10% of his normal capacity.  He will be in his pillow sling for another 2 weeks! I sure do miss him sleeping in our bed.

We have been able to hangout with Dave and Lisa and Emily and Shane a bit this month. We celebrated Em's 21st birthday with the Henrie's and (our 3rd annual) good old Oreo Cheesecake!

That's January thus far...

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