Friday, January 13, 2012

Tis the season (Part 2)

So, I guess it is my (James) turn to write.  I missed out on a lot of the pre-Christmas festivities because I had to stay back in Utah until the 22nd to work.  Being alone for a week was interesting.  The first day of being alone was actually kind of nice.  I came home from work and relaxed, did some chores around the house, read a little, and watched a couple movies.  However, by the next day I had run out of things to do around the house besides sit an relax...  Needless to say, it got pretty lonely.  Over the week I was by myself, I think I watched ever single new release in the Redbox.  For some this might sound nice, but it got really old.  I really missed Megan and the boys.

Anyway, the night before Shane and I headed to Washington, I decided it was a good time to pack.  I also realized that I forgot to do any laundry.  Of course I waited until 12am to start.  So, I did laundry, straightend up the house, and packed.  When I was finally finished I thought I would be able to sleep for a couple hours before I had to get up to catch our flight... I was wrong.  It was 3:45am and I need to leave at 4:00am.  Not cool!  But I guess I did it to myself.

Shane and I had a little set back and we got to the airport later than we had hoped.  I was thinking because our flight was so early that day, we wouldn't have to wait long in the check-in/security lines.  Boy was I wrong.  I have never seen the lines that long before.  We were getting more and more nervous as each minute passed.  Finally we got to the security gate.  Both Shane and I ripped off our belts, shoes, etc. and got through the gate as fast as possible.  When our things came down the belt we just grabbed them and ran.  I had a hard time trying to keep my pants up :)  Of course our gate was at the very end of the terminal.  We made it just as they were about to close the gate.  Talk about a rush!  At least we got to Washington ok.

It was nice seeing everyone and before we knew it, it was Christmas Eve.  Koby was pretty excited for Christmas.  I don't know if he had trouble falling asleep because of the excitement, but when Megan and I finally came up to our room to go to bed, we found Koby sleeping like this:

Koby was the first to wake up.  We let him go into everyone else's rooms and wake them up too.  Following the DeFreese family tradition, we all lined up on the stairs to take a picture before going out to see the Christmas tree.

Excited to start opening presents.
Lincoln, Koby, and Charlie getting into their stockings:

Megan made Koby and Eli Batman capes.

Megan got the blog book she has been wanting.

After opening some presents, we headed over to Micah and Eve's church for baby Ivy's blessing.

After the blessing we headed back to Randy and Laura's for some more fun.  The McCall's and the DeFreese's came over too.

Ryder with his new jeans from Aunt Rachel.

Eli kicking it with Ethan in his Batman get up.

Koby happily playing with his mini bowling set from Aunt Shannon.
All in all it was a great day.  We got to open presents, go to a blessing, eat good food, and hang out with family.  I am pretty lucky to have such cool in-laws.

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A fun time was had by all.....come on back now.