Monday, July 11, 2011

Recent Happenings

Lincoln is good at accepting his brother's love
Poor Lincoln gets a heat rash just about every time we venture outside here in Utah. The Summer sun is just too hot for his little body. We never went through this with Koby since he was born in January. Unlike last year when we went to the pool everyday, poor Koby gets to spend most of the summer inside or in the back yard. He never lasts long though by himself in the back yard. Atleast he is getting very good at finding things to do.

Since we are moving in just a few weeks, I have been trying to find things to get rid of. Today it was an old pair of tennis shoes. Shortly after I decided they belonged in the garbage, Koby pulled them out of the trash and put them on. "I'm all ready to exercise mom. Can you put on Jillian?" So while I was busy with Lincoln, Koby exercised all by himself for a good 15 minutes this morning. This kid cracks me up. It is funny how much kids mimic their parents. The other night Koby saw a bug and frantically screams at the top of his lungs...."James, There's a bug! James, James, There's a bug! There's a bug James! Can you kill it?!"

Lincoln has begun to smile and even laugh a little! It's so fun to watch his little personality come out(as much as it can for a 6 week old). He is so cute and so chunky! He is now a whopping 12 pounds-that's almost a pound a week gain.

Can I just say how excited we are to move?! The other day Koby came up to the window with something in his mouth. James and I ran outside and pulled a cigarette butt out of his mouth! I then found THREE more cigarette butts next to his sandbox! The girl upstairs has apparently disposed of some of her cigarettes next to our front door/Koby's sandbox! We are so blessed to be moving reeeal soon:) There's a ton of young families in our new neighborhood and I am really excited to have Koby meet some new friends! He is at that age where he just loves to play with other kids. When we go to the park he is always "making friends." Most of the time his "friends" don't like to give him the attention, but he just follows them around saying "come on...your turn..." just like they are best buds:) He always tries to catch other kids at the end of the slide. Frequently, I'll have to yell, "Koby don't touch other kids!"

Lincoln - 6 weeks old

First dip in the pool

"I need to exercise with Jillian, mom."


Brittany said...

such cute kids! and yes, you need to move! that is scary!

rjd said...
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rjd said...

Good to see Koby still brings a smile to your face.....Love that little Family of yours!
OOps had to delete the last attempt....bad spelling :)

Lea said...

Kids say and do the cutest things! Thanks for sharing!