Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Independence Day

What a good 4th of July we had! After our weekend consumption of camping food-s'mores, hotdogs, chips, pop, etc- James and I made a 4th of July resolution to be a little healthier and get more fit. After all I am still 12 pounds away from pre-pregnancy Megan and being able to wear my summer clothes. So after some family P90x we decided to do a family hike up to the "Y".

You know how just a few weeks after having a baby you forget how much of a pain the process is and somehow you want to do it again? (by the way I am not there and won't be for a few years)... Well it's like that for us with hiking the "Y". Each time we do it, soon after we forget how miserable it is. This time was no different. In fact, it was more miserable than ever before. I had Lincoln strapped to my front and James had the fun task of climbing the mountain with a wiggly 28 pound Koby on his shoulders. What a man:) It was, however, a fun family activity and we will probably do it again next month.

The newly weds, Shane and Emily, met up with us to watch fireworks at Thanksgiving Point. They brought a cooler with ice cream cones and we had plenty of Sparklers and Pop-its. It was so much fun. It was especially fun this year because Koby was old enough to really appreciate them. After each firework went off Koby let out a very loud exclamation..."woooooooo"......"oooooow"...."aaaaaaaah"...."fire is awesome" ..."That's cool man!" The only downfall to the night was when Koby decided to poke the end of his sparkler with his finger. He now has a blister to prove he learned that fire is indeed hot.

What loser decided graffiti would be cool on the Y?

Aunt Emily and Lincoln
Koby's buddies:)
The group
Watching fireworks with Uncle Shane


rjd said...

Those Grandson's are lucky to have Aunt Em and Unc Shane to do things with....sounds like a good 4th.

Brittany said...

i don't know how you do it, megan!

Malerie said...

I just got caught up on your last few posts. The adjustment to two kids was REALLY hard for us. I'm impressed you're leaving the house, let alone camping! Hang in there...it gets easier and easier :)