Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Brotherly Love

It may have started out rough, but Koby and Lincoln have begun to bond. Koby loves his little brother. He is always the first to run to him when he is crying during the day and he always insists on holding his hand.

Before Lincoln came, I thought it would be impossible to love another kid too. I was wrong! I am glad God made it possible for us to love so much:)

Lincoln has become very smiley and laughs alot! James can always get him crackin' up. He loves playing with his Daddy.

Did I metion he is a chunk? Check out these cheeks...

Aunt Emily taught Koby and Chloe a first swimming lesson this week. They did great! Koby is a fish. He would live in the water if he could. He pretty much takes 2 baths a day that last about 30 minutes each. He always negotiates with me, "How about 5 more minutes Mom. Kobs still playin'." AND the kid can go under water and hold his breath for 5 seconds!

"Surfin'" with Dad

 Rach , Sean, and Charlie came to visit again!We did a little BBQ'n and a LOT of swimmin'! Lincoln is 2 1/2 months younger than his cousin Charlie, but just like a pound smaller. Crazy. We loved having the Quigley's here for another visit! 

Check out little Charlie and big Lincoln

Our BBQ at Em and Shane's cute little house...

400 square feet of cuteness:) It's fun being newlyweds
The men and Koby did a little slack lining.
The women did what we do best-talked:)

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Rachel DeFreese said...

I wish we could BBQ again soon!

Man, how did Em luck out with the fantastic posture-- I ALWAYS slump.