Thursday, March 17, 2011

Socially Awkward

Do you ever watch FRIENDS? You know when a pretty girl says hi to Chandler and he just goes, "uuuuh, hehe" and ducks his head? This is how I feel whenever I go into public and someone tries to talk to me. My face gets all red and my brain shuts off. When did this happen?!!

The other day I was at Old Navy(buying maternity jeans-yay). The 16 year old guy at the register started talking to me...

Guy: "This week has seemed so long"
Me:"Oh yeah?"
Guy: "I just haven't had anything to do after work all week."
(He looks up at me for a response....Long pause...I start getting nervous... Oh no what do I say?)
Me:(Waaay too enthusiastically)"...Maybe you should read a book!"
Guy: "Hahaha.... Uh,ya..."

I just about died. My face turned red and I realized I had officially turned into a grandma. I came home and told James what I said. He cracked up and confirmed to me that yes, I was in fact socially awkward.

When I was a Personal Trainer I was good at making conversation. And if there was nothing to say you just count the reps..."1, 2... good job, 5 more." Being a stay at home mom with one 2 year old AND not having a car for the winter has taken it's toll on me. James is no help either. After Koby is asleep, and we can finally have real adult conversation, what ends up happening is I talk talk talk...James throws in a couple "ya"s and then falls asleep MID CONVERSATION(He claaaaaims he must have Narcolepsy). So, as you can imagine, I have learned to adapt to the following kinds of conversations...

(Number 1:)
Koby: “I want to go up high in the sky to the moon.”
Me: “What are you going to do on the moon?”
Koby: “Koby’s gonna jump over the moon. Let’s go do it mom.”

(Number 2:)
Koby: "I don't see the snow outside Mom."
Me: "It's gone now. The sun came out and melted all the snow."
Koby: "Mom, I need to buy some snow."
Me: "Where do you buy snow?"
Koby: "I buy snow at the grocery store."

(Number 3:)
Me: "Koby, where does Jesus live?"
Koby:"In Utah."
Me:"Does he live up in heaven?"
Koby: "Ya."
Me: "So where does Jesus live?"
Koby: "In Utah."

(Number 4:)
Koby: "The sun is all gone."
James: "Where did the sun go?"
Koby: "The sun is sleeping in the mountains."

(Number 5:)
Koby: "I see the sun Mommy."
Me: "Yeah. Is it up in the sky behind the clouds?”
Koby: "Ya. Come in the car sun! (grunting) I can’t reach it. Come in the car with me sun!"

(Number 6:)
Koby: “I want to go to the mountains Mom.”
Me: “You do? What do you want to do there?”
Koby: “I want to climb the mountains"
Me: “You want to climb the mountains huh?
Koby: “Ya… up to the top. I want to climb the mountains with mommy …and with daddy. Let’s go mom.”

Although cute, not good practice for the real world. Maybe I should read a book?

Just Koby being Koby...
*Koby trying to open a candy: “I can’t do it. (grunts) This is hard work!”

*Jumping on the trampolines this morning he was cracking me up. He kept saying, “We are having fun mom! We are having soooo much fun! ” over and over and over again.


Stephanie said...

That Koby is so stinking cute! I love reading your blog!

The Nielsen's said...

I know how you feel! I feel that way and don't even have a kid yet. It seemed so much easier when we were in a younger ward and had a group of friends we always hung out with. It also makes it harder to get together with people when you have school, two jobs, and just life in general to schedule around!

Rachel DeFreese said...