Tuesday, March 8, 2011

How to make a grown woman cry

I know in the case of this 7 month pregnant lady it is not too hard, but check this out..

Tonight, while James was out, I heard some manly voices and then a loud knock at the door. I almost didn't answer because it creeped me out, but when I did I saw about 15 young men singing, "We wish you were still our teacher, we wish you were still our teacher..." They said they were thinking of people that were really influential to them and they chose us!

James and I have taught the youth at church for almost 2 years and every week we wonder, "Do you think they got anything out of that?" At the beginning of last year I thought they were crazy giving us 17 fifteen year olds. James and I almost died the first week, but by the end of the year we were so sad to see them go. I hugged them all (and maybe cried a little).

Seeing all those young men we taught tonight made me cry. They are the sweetest bunch of boys.

This year we have 16 thirteen year olds. So far it's been tough. Tonight gave me a little more hope though:)


rjd said...

Oh, how sweet!! What a reward for your diligence and love for those youth. I knew you and James were great for those kids!! They knew you loved them. (Now you know why I loved teaching Seminary so much. I went from feeling intimidated by teenagers to loving them!! I am so happy I get to teach the 11-year-olds now cuz they are almost like teaching Seminary again. :)

Aaron and Devon said...

That is the sweetest thing ever! It has got to make you feel great!

Malerie said...

Very cool! You are awesome, Megan :) I would want you as a teacher!

The Way I See It said...

I'm a sap. I cried reading about this. What a great group of boys. You will always remember the payoff.