Wednesday, January 12, 2011

My thoughts on being a dad... again

On Megan's last post she promised some ultrasound pictures, so here they are. We have about 20 more, but I don't think anyone is interested in seeing a foot shot or an arm shot. So here is a man part shot, a good profile shot, and the best 3D shot that we got.

When Megan was pregnant with Koby, I didn't really come to the realization that we were having a baby until we could call it a him and start thinking about names and what not. I think it has been the same with this one, because I think it finally hit me. We are going to has kids... until now we only had a kid. From here on out no matter how many we have, we are going to have kids. There's no going back. We will no longer out number them. We can't double team one kid without worrying about the other. I have to worry about another mouth to feed. Another person to add to our health insurance. Another kids college to fund... Holy crap, what did we get ourselves into? On Friday when we found out we were having a boy, I wasn't too sure.

Yesterday after I got home from work, I opened our front door and Koby was standing there and smiled and said, "Daddy's home!" He ran up to me and gave me a big hug. We wrestled around for a bit and then went into his room and got his football. We took turns running around trying to avoid the other from tackling us. I had a blast. I think it was then that I realized how excited I am to have another boy running around. Another boy to smile and say "Daddy's home!" Another boy to wrestle and play football with, and maybe we can even get Megan involved. Needless to say I am excited for this next little guy to come and for whatever the future holds for us.


The Way I See It said...

You made me cry. What beautiful thoughts, and what a good Daddy you are.

Rachel DeFreese said...

Awwww! Your kids are lucky to have such great parents!