Monday, January 3, 2011

An eventful December

The last few weeks of family and parties have been so fun, but it had to end sometime. We are now back to regular life again.

What happened this December?

- We've started to feel the baby moving around a lot in the last 3 weeks
- James and Koby both made their first snowman ever
- We had our 17 Sunday School kids (age 16) over to our little apartment for a Christmas party
- We Got switched to a new Sunday School class - We now teach sixteen 13 year olds-AAH
- We headed to California to celebrate Christmas with the Huntington side
- We checked out Christmas lights on a carriage ride
- Koby learned that he loves Christmas and opening presents
- We learned a child will love $1 toys more than $30 dollar toys
- We celebrated Takako's birthday
- My family came to UT for a visit
- Had a family shower for Rach and baby Charlie
- Koby and I went snowshoeing for the first time with the family - Thanks Shane!

and best of all James and I celebrated four years of marriage! I'm not a mushy person, but I will say I looove James. In four years we have experienced more than I could have ever imagined, but everything always turns out because we have each other:)

Even though December is over, we still have a fun couple of weeks ahead. Rach and Sean are still here for a week! And next week Koby and I take advantage of his last chance to fly free- Washington here we come! ALSO, we find out the sex of the baby this week!

Dad and Sean helped the pregnant women get dressed:)

It was too easy for mountain man Shane so we added 24 lbs to his back

Sean, Rach, Mom, Dad, Em, Meg

Their first snowman ever:)
The Huntington family

Cleaning out James' childhood boxes...we found this lovely treasure

Karen, Koby, James, Gma Takako

30 second wise man
Opening stockings

Christmas morning at Gma and Gpa Huntington's

Christmas building project for the boys - I think adults play with the toys more than the kids

Sean and James modeling a present from their in-laws

We miss our family:(


S.Ann said...

Great Post! Great Pictures! Great Scenery! And the prize of it all goes to....James in his pjs with the totally awesome hair!!!

Anonymous said...

You guys are the best! I'm glad you had a great Christmas and I cant wait to find out what your having this week. So fun!

The Way I See It said...

I love reading your posts, even when James writes. :) What fun family times. Congrats on your 4 year anniversary. It's so great to be married to your best friend.

PECK said...

A lot of these pictures look similar to our pictures from Christmas! haha Broden was terrible in the nativity scene too! I can't wait to hear what you're having!