Tuesday, January 25, 2011


We decided to take advantage, one last time, of free flights for one year olds...That's right our little baby turns 2 this week! Koby and I headed to Washington a couple weeks ago for some fun with the family.

We had a lot of fun visiting with my sister and brother and their families. Koby loved seeing his cousins and especially spending a week with his grandma and grandpa! This picture says it all...

My mom took us girls and the grandsons to the Everett Children's Museum while we were there. It was so much cooler than the one here in Salt Lake! They had an airplane, construction zone, theater room, restaurant, veterinarian office, tree fort, skating room, fire truck playground, water room, farm area(with a cow the kids could milk - water came out), glow-in-the-dark dancing room, huge train area, etc. and we didn't even make it to the other things. There is a playground/dinosaur thing on the roof too, but the rain kept us from that. It was definitely a highlight for our trip!
It was a quick trip, but a good one. I only wish we lived closer because we missed James! :)

Since we have been back Koby and I have been sick, but my energy level has gone way up. I'm getting into that nesting mode already. There isn't a dish in the sink or a cloth in the laundry. It's weird, but I am enjoying dishes. I also made the little guy in my belly a cute blanket for his crib. Next week I will make a twin size blanket for Koby's bed too(that we still need to purchase and switch him into). We've narrowed it down to two names for this little guy and at 22 weeks that's not bad. Now we will just have pick one:)

The weekend before we left James had an LHI event in Michigan! And then he had a LHI event in Salt Lake the Saturday we got back. I have been feeling like a single mom for a good 3 weeks. Needless to say I am excited for this weekend - the first one as a family in a while!

James is also tearing it up on the church basketball court this month - Koby and I love to watch. You can usually see a little fist punching the air saying, "Go daddy go!", "Nice defense!", or "Go Colts!" James has trained Koby well. Koby has these little football helmets with the NFL logos on them that were James' as a kid. Koby brought me a helmet the other day and said "Panthers". And he was correct! And at least once a day will run over to me and say, "I wanna watch a football game Mommy." We are pretty excited for one of his birthday presents which is a football helmet. Now he can quit pretending his bike helmet is a football helmet.

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Chelsea said...

I love the blanket! And I can totally relate to feeling like a single mom and how much it stinks! (Ryan's been working long hours.) I'm glad that you're busy - I bet it will help the pregnancy go by faster.