Friday, February 25, 2011

Torturing Your Child... and Yourself: A How-to Guide

1.  Convince you child that they are too big for their crib and that it is time for a big kid bed.  (Even though this may not be true, your wife may just be seven months pregnant and you just don't want to have two cribs in the house.)
2.  Place a child proof door knob on the inside of the child's bedroom door as shown in the picture below (a 4-pack can be purchased at Home Depot for $3.89):

3.  Deceive your child into thinking that you just want to read some books with them in their new bed.  (Don't mention the word nap or bed-time, you don't want them to know the truth.)
4.  After you are done reading, cover him/her with a blanket give them a kiss (giving them a false sense of security), and then run out of the room before they can follow you.
5.  Then listen to them scream, bang the door, yell "Daddy where are you?!", and cry for about 30 to 45 minutes.
6.  Feel terrible because you have locked your child in their own bedroom--what should be a safe-haven for the world we live in, a place of happiness and security--like a prisoner.
7.  If you are patient and lucky, the child will wear themselves out and most likely fall asleep in their room, possibly right next to the door so you can't get in and put them in their bed.
8.  When they wake up, they will most likely scream and cry again because they are still locked in their room and have realized that the whole experience wasn't just a bad dream.
9.  Repeat until the child will sleep in their bed all on their own.

We did this for Koby's nap time yeterday.  At least last night he only cried for about 5 minutes and actually feel asleep in his bed.  Hopefully it doesn't take much longer to used to the new sleeping situation.


Kendra said...

I know yesterday must have been awful but I promise it works! I cried the first few nights cause Kenzie did the same things BUT now she happily climbs in her bed at night and goes to sleep without any issue! It will get better :)

Kylee said...

That sounds AWFUL, but Randell's cousin and his wife do the same thing with their kids' bedroom door. Hope it goes easier getting your little guy to sleep in his new bed!

Potter Family said...

I always wanted to do that!! ha ha ha. I am no first one was so scared to get out of bed that he'd sit there in the morning and call to me to come get him. I had to rock him, lay him down. He'd cry sometimes...but wouldn't dare get out of bed. I guess I threatened him and he understood more than I thought he did!!

PECK said...

:( That is so sad!

The Way I See It said...

I can still remember SO well, doing the same types of things with our kids. I cried myself as I listened to them crying, but by not giving in, it gets better with each night. I think it only took 3 nights for our kids. Good luck!

Tara Rickards said...

I remember doing EXACTLY that with Austin when I was pregnant with Jessica. It was aweful! I think I cried and then felt like a terrible mother. I don't think I would have been able to keep it up. Thankfully, it worked so quickly that I didn't have to worry about it for long. I hope he gets used to it quickly for both of your sakes!