Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Linc's Birthday

Memorial Day weekend we celebrated Linc's birthday. Since Linc doesn't like being around a lot of people and since he already has lots of toys from his big brother we decided to do something different for his birthday. We started planning a fun trip to Sand Hollow Reservoir and Zion's National Park. Well, being Memorial Day weekend, there were no decently priced hotels available. Both James and I didn't want to pay 90 bucks a night for a pet-friendly Super-8 motel room. Nasty. I'm glad we didnt end up going. I heard both Zion's and Arches were packed. 

Anyways, since we had to stay home and since Linc's birthday was on a Sunday, we decided to celebrate all weekend long. Saturday we hit up the Hogle Zoo with our friends, the Munion's. It was the perfect weather and we had a fun time...

On the way home we hit up 7-11 for some slurpees. And then some fancy doughnut shop that James has been raving about for a couple years. When he worked at O.C. Tanner people used to bring these gourmet doughnuts...

If you ask James and Koby they were delicious, if you ask me I'll probably throw up on you just thinking about them. Gross. Apparently you have to like doughnuts in order for these to taste good. 

We ended the day by running through the sprinklers topless waving sticks in the air. Not me, just the boys :)

Sunday morning we started spoiling Lincoln bright and early with some sprinkle waffles. Then he opened up a couple presents. What did he get? The movie Cars character cars of course. That's all it takes to make Linc happy :)

Later in the evening, Sherry, Cameron, Karen, and Sean came over to celebrate with us. We all ate some delicious home-made ice cream cake that nearly killed us all. (Linc doesn't really like cake, but he sure likes ice cream and sprinkles)...

Monday the Munion's invited us out to hike Dry Creek Canyon with them. What a beautiful hike.

See the hot air balloon?

Next we headed to the Munion's for a delicious BBQ and some water fun. We used birthday money from the grandparents to buy Linc a water table... He loved it. All the kids loved it.

And that was our fabulous Memorial Day weekend this year. Linc is a sweet little guy and I am sure his "two's" will be just as sweet as he is.


rjd said...

And a fun time was had by all. Holidays are fun when kids are involved.

Sean and Erin said...

How fun! Your boys are getting so big. Is it sad I can guess most of the flavors of those donuts?