Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day

Today began with me being woken up to the smell of a delicious breakfast after sleeping in an extra hour and a half longer than usual.  It was quite a pleasant way to wake up.  Megan and the boys made me an awesome breakfast!

I got a few work shirts for Father's day, but Megan also surprised me with a few extra treats and probably the coolest card I have ever seen.  I think it made me laugh for a good 10 minutes.

After church we came home and hung out for a bit and I got to take a nap.  I love Father's Day!  Again I was woken up by the smell of delicious food.  This time it was a pork roast.  Mmmmmm.

After dinner we went out for a family walk.  We ended up at the park and we played with the boys for a bit.  It was a pretty hot day, so when we got home, the boys and I decided to run around in the sprinklers.  We got soaked, but it was a blast!  All in all, it was a pretty awesome Father's Day.

It's still weird thinking that I am a dad.  Sometimes I feel like I am still 14 years old.  Crazy how time flies!

Anyway, I also wanted to say Happy Father's Day to a couple of great dads.

Dad, thanks for being one of my best friends.  Thanks for all the hours you spent teaching me how to play sports.  It may have not seemed like it at the time, but I treasure all those afternoons we would go out and hit balls.  Thanks for being a good example to me in everything you do.  Thanks for showing me everyday what kind of dad I want to be.

Randy, you are the man.  Thanks for being a great father-in-law.  I couldn't have asked for a better one.  Thanks for teaching me how to shoot 22's, shotguns, and bows.  Thank you for all the love and support you give our family.

We love you guys!

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rjd said...

James you are a wonderful Dad. Thanks for you kind words.