Sunday, June 24, 2012


I posted the previous blog about an hour before our neighborhood was evacuated. Friday morning we got ready and hopped in the car at about 9:30ish to head down to 7 Peaks with our neighbor friends. As we were leaving our house I noticed it was beginning to smell like a campfire. When we were getting in the car we also noticed the sky was completely smokey and there were helicopters really close to our homes. We kind of got a little worried and decided to pack some extra clothes and stuff just in case...I grabbed us each a couple outfits, toothbrushes, and pajamas. We left.

We made it to 7 Peaks at 10:30, right as the evacuation order was made. I called James. His work was very nice-they let him leave work for the day and go get some more things from our house- Koby's polka Dot blanket he can't live without, binkies, wipes, diapers, baby food, phone chargers,  more clothes, Linc's monkey he can't live without...We thought we were just being evacuated for the smoke so we decided our computer could stay. Did I mention my phone was dying too? Try being evacuated without a cell phone! Luckily I got a hold of James before my phone completely died.

I am so grateful James was able to get the rest of the day off because being out with a 2 young kids for the day, with nowhere to go was rough. James met me down in Provo and we headed to his Aunt and Uncle's house to kill a few hours before our friends were home from work. They let us swim and fed us some food (we were starving). Thanks Diane and Norman! It was really hard to enjoy the day at all with the fear of the fire.

We had so many offers for us to stay with friends and family-THANKS everyone! Our friends, Amy and Cole told us Friday we could stay with them if we were evacuated. They have a finished basement that they let us stay in. Koby even had his own room! Linc and Koby only woke up once and slept in until 8:15-awesome!

Friday evening we headed to Cole and Amy's house where Amy fed us some delicious BBQ! We kept checking the news and getting texts from our neighbors all day/evening. My friend called me at about 9 pm and told me she had just talked to the fire person...apparently they were really worried about our neighborhood through the night... That kinda freaked me out, I thought we only had to worry about smoke. We thought about getting escorted back in for a few things, but then made the decision that we could live without everything and from then on I didn't worry much.

You know when you are asked that question, "If your house caught on fire and you had to grab stuff and run, what would you grab?" It's nice to know that I don't need to stress over that answer anymore. We live a pretty simple life and it's nice to know that our family is all we need to be happy:)

This weekend was kinda crazy, but we managed to make it fun. Friday night we watched probably the dumbest movie ever-Apollo 18, but when you watch a movie with friends at 1 in the morning...spider rocks can seem just a little bit cooler- haha. Saturday, we were all entertained by playing Xbox games- Koby especially enjoyed the Wipeout game! Since it was 97 degrees we also hit up the Lindon Pool.

About 5 pm we got a flood of texts saying we could go back home! We were having so much fun at Cole and Amy's though we decided to stay for a bit. Logan brought over his old toys from when he was little-Construx. Koby enjoyed them, but I'm pretty sure the men enjoyed them more.

As Koby was saying goodbye to Amy Saturday evening, he began to cry. It was the saddest thing. We are so blessed to have good friends around.  Thanks Amy and Cole for making our stressful weekend fun!

Today, we were at the park by our house and I saw the mountain catch a blaze again! I was a little freaked out, but we were told it would do that and they are watching it closely. I guess that's why we are still on high alert.

See the black mountain? I took this picture at the park today. That is the mountain that I saw blazing again.

All in all we are grateful to be home, grateful to have wonderful family and friends, and grateful no one lost their home in this 6,023 acre fire!


rjd said...

So glad all worked out. Good to have friends in the tough times.

lisamarie21188 said...

That's craaaaazy! Glad everyone is alright :)