Friday, February 25, 2011

Spring Cleaning

Wednesday we went and looked at our last town home. Every place we look at has been tiiiny. I think we've decided the only logical thing to do is to wait a little longer and save for a place.  Depending on where James gets in for MBA, we could be here in Utah another 1 1/2 - 4 years - AHH! Life doesn't always go as planned. James and I always thought the second we were graduated we'd be gone! Well, the Lord and the economy had something else planned.

So anyways we decided to give Em and Shane our third couch and move the computer out of the "office". We painted and fixed up rooms for the boys. I haven't hung anything on the walls in the baby's room, but Koby's room is done!

AND by the way it is day 2 of taking the crib away from Koby completely and I think we've done it! I  laid him down for a nap and he whined for maybe 20 seconds. I haven't heard him get out of bed and I am pretty sure he went right to sleep! Wahoo! Next adventure is Potty Training, but I don't think James and I are ready for that just yet. We will probably wait a couple months on that one.

James' previous blog post told you how we tortured Koby with the door lock, but what he didn't mention is the best motivator ever... a "trick or treat bag". James and Koby went to the store yesterday and picked out hot wheels, candy, little toys, suckers, etc. We put them in his trick or treat bag and remind him each time he sleeps in his "big boy bed" he gets to pick from the bag. So far it has worked like a charm. Hopefully really soon we won't have to bribe him anymore.

Here's our paint job...We are thankful James' grandparents let us paint, it looks alot more homey:)

Koby's Room:

Lincoln's Room:
I got a rocking chair!! YAY! No more standing and shaking my babies to sleep - Thank you tax return and James!

I also realized how much Koby really used his crib for the teething process... Why did we spend $230.00 on a nice crib for him? Oh well, I am sure Lincoln will gnaw away at it too. Maybe this time I will go buy a cover for the rails.


Malerie said...

Very cute! Matt gave me a rocking chair this time around and I love it! So much easier to nurse in the middle of the night. Enjoy! Hope you're not getting too uncomfortable :)

The Way I See It said...

I love the paint jobs. Cute rooms. Hailey never sleeps in her big-girl bed. She's put to bed on it every night, and she stays until the door is closed, then she gets up and lays by the door, curled up with her blanket, and sleeps there peacefully all night.

Ashley said...

The rooms look great! I am glad I found your blog :)