Wednesday, February 23, 2011


We've been looking for places to move to get Koby and I closer to our friends down in Orem/Provo, but we've had no luck! When you rent in Orem/Provo everything is overpriced and GHETTO! So we decided to move the office and fix up little Lincoln's room for the mean time until we figure out is renting or buying is the right move.

Koby is doing well so far with the idea of a new brother (as much as he understands that is). I was cleaning and organizing the rooms today and Koby kept playing with the car seat and saying, "This is baby Lincoln's carseat...This is baby Lincoln's room".

However, when it comes time to give up his crib he just won't have it! We made the switch to the big boy bed yesterday. Koby freaked out. We ended up having to bring in his crib for the night :( Our plan tonight is to not let him have his crib. I just wish we would have switched him to a big bed when he couldn't open doors. This is going to be another loooong night. ANY suggestions??

He was so excited for his new PJ's, blanket, and Big Boy bed

Last week we went to the indoor pool with the Craigs. Koby woke up a day later with the dreaded Pink Eye! The nurse sent us to the pharmacy for some eyedrops - miracle drops. He cleared up in less than a day! Do you think this is how he could have gotten it?...

Sick, I know.

I am 27.5 weeks. Three months left! This last week has begun to be uncomfortable and I know it only gets worse. I have one pair of pants that fit comfortably(they use to be my "can pull down past my bum without unbuttoning pants" and now they are my "too-tight-looking/suck in while you pull them up and rubberband pants"). While James is peacefully sleeping on his 1/8 of the bed, I lay awake at night with punches, kicks, and flips inside me. I have begun to get stomach aches after I exercise-noooooo! I miss my body. I do not ever remember feeling this uncomfortable this soon with Koby, BUT I guess if we remembered we wouldn't want to do it again.  I could do labor and delivery 10 times in a row, if it was like it was with Koby, if I never had to be pregnant.

Don't read me wrong, I am grateful Heavenly Father has blessed us once again with another healthy baby in my belly! I just wish the Stork was more involved.


Kendra said...

We had the same problem with Kenzie opening the doors when we put her in her big girl bed. We ended up getting those plastic things to put over the door knobs so she was "locked" in at night. For the first week she flipped BUT she got over it and a few months later we took it off and she didn't even realize it was gone.

Aaron and Devon said...

We told Chloe how exciting it was that she got to be a big girl and made a big deal out of it. Then we told her how the crib was for the baby and she wasn't a baby anymore. We also had to snuggle in her bed with her untill she fell asleep for a few weeks.
Good luck on the house search. Try Springville- it is still close and cheaper than Provo/Orem. I know of some nice new twin homes that they are building by our house.

Rachel DeFreese said...

I am not envious that you are back in the twenty-something count..... I have cankles and a very pinched sciatic nerve. I am DYING to get this little bottom that I feel poking out, into my hands. I am SOOOO excited and so excited to meet little Lincoln too!

The Way I See It said...

The swimming pool picture is hilarious. Good luck on the remaining weeks of your pregnancy. It's so worth it in the end, but I know that doesn't make today, or tomorrow, any easier. We women understand though, and feel your pain.