Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Happy Birthday James

James is 25! So this is how the day began....

Preface: I keep a CLEAN CLEAN house. We live in a nice home...

So Koby needed a bath on Saturday morning. I go in to start the water and their are little teal/black rice-looking things all over the tub. So James turned the water on and guess what came crawling out of the drain. A MOUSE! sick sick sick! So James caught it in a tupperware and drowned it. We sanitized every inch of that bath tub and now I keep the drain down!

Then we went out for All-you-can-eat Sushi at james' favorite place. On the last order they brought out double what was asked for... So Emily, Steve, and James had to sit there and try eating all 75 odd pieces of sushi. haha. The guy felt bad for them after an hour and gave them a box.

Later we had a nerf gun fight with James' birthday presents (which he asked for). And James had a double-header night of soccer.

Koby had a lot of fun pulling the nerf darts off the wall and shoving them in his mouth. However he got frustrated and started crying when James was teasing him with his remote control car (again... he asked for it). I have a funny video, but its too mean to post.

The rest are random pictures, including my first time giving Koby a hair cut.

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Lea said...

Happy Birthday James! You two have such a cute family. Looks like you have a lot of fun!