Thursday, December 3, 2009

Wrappin up November

November 21st
, Rachel and Sean got married! So the family came to Utah for a visit. Rach looked gorgeous in her dress and we are so excited to have another brother in the family! It was lots of fun to spend a few days with everyone:) Shan, her boys, and my dad stayed for a longer visit. It was fun to spend time with them. I wish we lived closer...

After they left we headed to California for Thanksgiving with the Huntington family! After accidently missing an exit with the last gas station for miles... we ran out of gas. Lets just say Emily and I guarded the freezing car while James got a 7 mile run in across Nevada at midnight. Haha. Nice preparation for Thanksgiving:) So James' cousin Melissa made the best cheesecake ever for Thanksgiving. If you ever watch FRIENDS, there is an episode where Rachel and Chandler eat Cheesecake off the hallway floor of their apartment building...This cheesecake was
that good. Lets just say if it fell on the floor...

And now we're back to reality.

For my are some of Koby's accomplishments...

Words he can say:
  • (8 mos.) "Ball", "Dada", "Mama", "Wow", No-no(Just shakes his head side to side)
  • (9 mos.) "Booook", "Baby", "Oh", "Up","Oo-ah-ah-ee"(Monkey sound), "Puu Puu"(This is his attempt to say pumpkin), "Grampa"(Thanks to the recent visit from my dad and then our trip to CA)
  • (10 mos.) "Duck"
He knows where his Nose and Ears are, gives High-Fives, and waves Hi and Bye-Bye.

I love this age -where he is learning everything. He knows most all words you teach him a few times. This weeks he learned,
Christmas lights and Christmas tree. He can tell the difference and points to each when asked. Its funny how smart babies get so fast.

Today while James was at work I asked Koby, "
Where's Daddy?" he looks around the room and then waves Bye-Bye. Then he points to a collage of pictures on the wall. I took him closer and he pointed at James. Then I said, "Where's Koby?" and he points at his picture, and the same for "Mama". Smart kid. They grow up so fast:( Oh and I just noticed his top 2 teeth are poking through - it explains all the drool last month.

The Mud Room

k so we had this random room/area that some would call a mud room? We werent using it for anything so I finally decided to turn it into a play area. It work GREAT. No more toys all over the living room. I shoved a blanket under the cold storage door so no balls or cars would go under and I found one of those driving rugs on KSL and bought it for 15 bucks... a steal of a deal considering they are 50 bucks new! Koby doesn't know how to fully appreciate it yet, but his face lights up when he sees it and he and I play cars on it:). It is a work in progress, but its a nice toy room for now.

Oh and can you spy our Christmas tree? We are going to WA for Christmas so this will do. haha.


Stephanie and Daniel said...

Kolby is so cute! I hope Brighton will be as smart and cute as him.

Stephanie and Daniel said...

oops I meant Koby. :)

Paige said...

Nice toy room! I can't believe Koby is talking so much! Monkey says a few words, but mostly blows raspberries with her tongue : ) She signs more than talks at this point (Chick was the same way). Can't wait to see you all!

Adam and Ashley said...

Wow! Thats really early to be saying those words! He's so cute, meg. I hope we get to see you when your up here!