Saturday, February 7, 2015

Wrapping up August

The second day we were here we met some amazing friends, the Taylor's. They are here for two years just like us.  Their names are Levi, and Carolyn; they have three kids-Kennedy, who is Koby's age, Tatum who is a year older than Linc, and Benson, who is right in between Linc and Kai's ages.  The Taylor's became like family to us right away. Here is a picture of Kennedy, Koby, and Linc...

Having girlfriends means lots of dress up, haha...

Since that first week we have met so many incredible friends. I love the student life. It is never lonely. Husbands may have some long hours, but we wives are never lonely. The UCLA apartments are the best. There are parks sprinkled throughout the complexes. And there are always friends at the park. We even have walking buddies, Daiane Nielsen and Carolyn Taylor walk to and from school with us everyday. We each have 2-3 kids too so we sure are a site walking in such a big, chaotic group. Haha. We love our friends.

We are in heaven down here with James' sister Lisa and Dave living just twenty minutes away too. How lucky are we?! We just love being able to have sushi nights with them...

And we recently (end of Summer) found out that our stubborn little eater (Linc) loves seaweed! That is definitely something to be happy about!

Pregnant Aunt Lisa getting some Kai snuggles in.

Sushi rollin.

We even taught dave how to make some rolls.

Costco has these great seaweed packages that we love! Yay for so much Asian food down here.

These two love the beach.

And so do we.


Kai feet

The sound of the ocean always puts baby Kai to sleep. It sounds just like his noise machine.
I need to take pictures of our little apartment. I found these three on the computer when I was doing this blog. This is James and my bedroom, located to the right of the living room. Our apartment is bright and happy feeling. It is small but I do not mind that at all. We think of this place as our beach house! And it sure is great to have friends all around us. 

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