Saturday, February 7, 2015

Linc's Big Month

 September was a big month for Linc. He started "school" too! We started out doing joyschool with some ladies in another ward. However, both Linc and I didn't enjoy it. The group dynamics were just not working for us. About a month in we decided to switch to a "playgroup preschool" with 8 other kids in our complex. 

There are 8 boys and 1 girl in our group, including Linc. It is cray but oh so fun! Linc has made so many new friends and so have I. Each week the kids learn a new letter and a new color/shape/letter.  And after preschool is done we all head down to the nearest park in the complex for lunch and play. IT is just the right amount of learning and playing for this little three year old.

 Like I said, September was a big month for Linc. He started school, met tons of new friends, started eating new foods, adjusted to a new surrounding, became completely potty-trained, and he lost his first tooth! Haha. I guess when you have three boys it just happens. Earlier this summer Linc bumped heads on Grandma and Grandpa's trampoline...two months later his tooth finally decided it just wasn't going to stay.

Koby was pretty excited that Linc lost a tooth and even wrote the tooth fairy a letter to go along with the tooth.

James also started school in September! Our long wait finally ended. James loves school and I am so happy that he gets to do something he loves. I even took a picture to commemorate the special day...

Here he is on a hike, "networking" of course. haha.
September was a big month for these two!

James and Linc exhausted from school

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