Friday, July 18, 2014


We were lucky enough to have the Quigley's come to town in May. They came just in time for my 27th birthday! Yay!

While they were here Em and Shane took Sean, Charlie, and Koby ziplining. They have been spoiling Koby with all the "extreme" sports they let him participate in. Lincoln and Koby loved having their cousins come visit. I can't wait until we live closer to cousins. Linc and Charlie have finally been getting along and enjoying playing together. Koby and Charlie have very similar personalities and feed off of eachother. When they get together they are crazy-haha.  "Baby Audri", as the boys still call her, is as sweet as ever! She sure is a cutie too.

For my birthday, James stayed home to play with us! It's always a good day when we have him home. We went swimming with Rach and her kids at the Quigley's club house. Being 9 months pregnant, I just sat and watched, but it sure was fun - even with the rain. In the evening The Finch's, the Quigley's, and the Ehlert's came over for some ice cream cake. It was a fun day!

And it turned out that Audri's swim diaper was actually a Pull-up...haha! Check out this poor girl...

Here are some other random pictures from May...

Koby insisted on wearing a bow-tie one day.

Playing some Legos with the aunts and uncles.

Lincoln has developed quite the love for trains.

Koby won't eat chicken, but he loves fish eggs!

Linc eating ice cream at the park.


This is Koby dressed up as a "Ninja Warrior".

Daddy time :)


 Just passing the days until little Kai would come...

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