Friday, July 18, 2014

Linc is 3!

Lincoln turned 3 on Memorial Day! The day started with presents of course. Yay for new trains and a "Strider" balance bike!

We wanted to do something really fun for Linc's birthday so we met up with our good friends, Dave and Heidi Munion, who were in town for the week, and went to Thanksgiving Point's new Children's Curiosity Museum. Since it was Memorial Day the place was packed. It was nuts, but it was still so much fun. The boys had a blast!

Linc loved the airplane!

Koby rock climbing

Linc and Joe Munion

Koby at the water station

Linc, Riley, and Joe

It was a hot hot day, so after the museum we got slurpees and headed home to play in the pool! Lincoln's best friends are his aunts and uncles so of course they came over later for cupcakes and ice cream. They also spoiled Linc with some balloons and presents too. He sure had a good day!

Lincoln is my sweet, independent, little man. He loves to give squeezes and kisses. He sure loves his family too. Lately Linc has turned a little mischievous. In April when my parents were visiting, he popped the screen out of an open window upstairs and climbed onto the roof! We found him hanging onto the windowsill with one hand just talking to the birds...the little stink!!

We sure love our Lincoln!

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