Saturday, May 10, 2014

A Bitter-Sweet Change

Last month, James got accepted into a few top MBA schools-Carnegie Mellon, University of Virginia, and UCLA. He was also on the MIT wait-list for a while, which makes me proud! After a lot of study, prayers, and back-and-forths, we decided on UCLA. James starts school mid-September. So, LA here we come! Lucky me, I always get to pack up our homes just weeks after having a baby. I guess it is better than packing up while 9 months pregnant.

We are excited to live by James' sister Lisa, her husband Dave, and our soon to be born niece :) We have some good friends that live down there should be fun. We will definitely be sad to leave our wonderful friends and family here. I really don't know what we are going to do without our sisters and brothers-in-law living nearby. It makes me sad to think of that. It is weird to leave Utah when it has been home for the last 9+ years.

In preparation, our house went up on the market yesterday. It sure has come a long way in the (almost) 3 years we have lived here...

Here it is when we bought it:

And here it is now (James' sweet cousin Tara took these pictures and is helping us sell our house):

Don't worry...It says "Linc" above their bookshelf :)

Lets cross our fingers someone else will love our first home as much as we have!

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Tawna said...

Looks great, and congrats to James! That's quite the feat. You guys will hopefully find just as much to love there in L.A.!