Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Goodbye One-Year Old

Sunday Linc turns 2! At the time, I didn't like having a baby in May, but now I am sure glad I did. What a fun time for a birthday, Memorial Day weekend. Since I ruined all of the birthdays in our little family this year with Dr. appointments, I have now learned my lesson. No Dr. visit for Linc! I think we will go to church instead :)

Linc. Mr. Independent. He is still a man of few words. He understands everything and follows any command, he just chooses to let Koby do most of the talking. 

Linc is a fairly easy little guy; when we are at home he just runs off to play with his favorite cars. Out in public, he usually stays close to us because he doesn't like a crowd, he does likes to flirt from a distance though- especially with older women.  Lately he has been interested in other people more, but it has to be in a more one-on-one kind of setting. He likes people he sees often. He has finally decided he sees Emily enough so she must be safe to play with :) He has even started saying her name. Often, you can find Linc chasing behind Koby and his friend, copying whatever they do. 

He is such a fun little guy. He gives intense hugs and kisses, he loves to be chased, and he requires chanting while performing all of his stunts..."Go Lincy Go! Go Lincy Go..." You can always be sure to find him with sunglasses on and a car in hand.

Koby and Lincoln have begun to play together a lot. This also means they fight a lot. I now understand why my parents wanted to pull their hair out some days from all the contention. Today they did not fight. Today was a good day. Today I can focus on how sweet they are.

Yesterday Koby came into my room and we had this cute little conversation:
K: "Mom, I just said a little prayer in Linc's room."
M: "That's good! What was your prayer about?"
K: "I just prayed for our seeds to grow."
M: "Our seeds?"
K: "In our garden. I prayed that the seeds would start to grow and  that our tomatoes would get big and red. Mom, can we go outside now and check our tomatoes?! I think they are red now..."

And some weekly photos of the little crazies:

We went on a walk with Aunt Emily and after five minutes we looked like we took a swim!
Batman and Robin attacking the "bad guy".

It's sweet relief when Daddy is home to play.

Gotta love little boys.

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rjd said...

Grown up already? No no no I'm not ready for that. What a cutie both boys are. Love the tomato conversation....:)