Sunday, April 7, 2013

"Because Jesus loves me."

I'm a week late, but I just wanted to share this Easter Video.

We had a great Easter Sunday this year. It's pretty much the best holiday. Someone asked Koby the other day if the Easter Bunny visited him this year. He looked extremely confused and said no. But when we asked him why we celebrate Easter he responded, "Because Jesus loves me." He may not know who the Easter Bunny is, but he sure knows who Jesus is. That makes me happy.

Living away from family is hard but I sure am grateful we have Emily and Shane nearby. They always make sure we do traditions and celebrate together. The week before they planned some egg dying with Thayne Fuelling and his girls. We had a fun night. The only disappointment was the next day when we cracked one of my eggs open to eat. Ya, somehow I forgot how to boil eggs. I sure hope we got the majority of my raw eggs :)

After church on Easter we went to Em and Shane's to celebrate. We shared delicious food, the boys got to have a little egg hunt, and we went to the park for some leisure fun on the swings....

Then Uncle Shane and Koby hid Easter eggs in the apartment all night long...what a good uncle:)

It was a beautiful Day!


Brittany DeFreese said...

you have the best family :)

rjd said...

What a cool family.....I just want to adopt you all. :)