Saturday, March 23, 2013

A New Addition.

It is no secret that James and I have some tough luck when it comes to cars. We have had more modes of transportation than we have had years of marriage.

First there was the '97 Silver Civic, reliable thing cut down in its prime. Thank you Sacramento car thieves. Then there was the '98 White Civic, totaled before it hit puberty. Thank you crazy Utah driver. Next, the '03 Dodge Stratus. You can't even find these babies anymore...that's because all of their engines have died and their owners have been ripped off. It lasted us eight months, best 4,000 bucks we ever spent.

Then came our '96 Ford Explorer. This baby lasted us a whole 2 1/2 years. It was a great buy. Next came James' '09 Kawasaki Ninja. Somehow James convinced me a motorcycle was better for us than a second car. That bike did save us lots of gas money. Next came the '08 Ford Edge- Buy one, you'll love it!

Unfortunately the time has come where we need a second car. We signed Koby up for pre-school in the fall and need another car for the winter months. (Also, if the boys and I are stuck at home for another entire winter I just might go insane). We were planning on selling James' bike and getting another car at the end of summer. However, right now is the perfect time to sell a motorcycle, which proved to be true when James' bike was posted for less than a day and we already have a solid buyer.

The boys are going to be extra sad when they realize there is no more motorcycle. They love pretending they are "Dad riding to work"

James is sad his motorcycle riding days are over for a season, but his zippy little '07 Mazda 3 is helping him through the mourning process. Here is our recent purchase...

Not actual car pictured, just a clone.

Lets pray it lasts for more than 2 1/2 years...which is our family record with cars. With the purchase of a second car, the boys and I have been out and about enjoying civilization yet again. Friends' houses, Jump-on-it, grocery shopping, parks, play dates, You name it, we did it last week!

Even though there was about 6 inches of snow when we woke up this morning, March has not been disappointing. The sun has graced us with its presence pretty much daily. Linc has been enjoying his first Spring being able to ride a bike and dig in the dirt! And Koby is in heaven being able to skateboard somewhere other than our basement. He has turned the local park into his own "skate park'.

He will probably break a bone before he is 5. The kid is fearless.
This was the end of February - we jumped the gun thinking Winter was ending.

James still has a couple weeks left before his test so I have been trying to keep myself  busy while he studies. I decided to "batten board" our dining room wall. I am surprised to say that not only was it pretty easy to do, but also that I love it. Hopefully the next people that own this place will too.

James got some studly new glasses this last month. He looks really good. I am a sucker for this nerd...

And here are some random pictures of the last few weeks. I love these guys...

All he needs is his "skater shoes".
Linc helped me do the dishes.
Koby's first experience with Muddy Buddies!!
Sometimes we just need to put down the smartphones, huh?
Linc reading.

Play Doh and dump trucks

My one goal for this week is to get this little guy a big boy bed... He is getting so big :)


rjd said...

You crack me up!!! Good looking new addition. I can't believe how much Linc and Koby look alike-hard to tell them apart sometimes. Cute little family. :)

Aaron and Devon said...

Glad you guys got another car! It wad fun hanging out last week!

justjen said...

Oh my gosh the picture of Koby at the toilet with the phone kills me!! your boys are adorable! Good luck with the new car!