Sunday, September 9, 2012


 Our little guy is 15 months...

I took Linc in for his check-up a couple weeks ago and I am proud to say, just like his brother and dad, he is blessed with a gigantic brain :) And with big guns, just like his mom;) The nurse was pretty impressed with how strong he is…When he was getting his shots, he broke free 3 times with both the nurse and me holding him down.

Linc has become so fun these last couple weeks. He has become friendlier and is known to flirt with one or two blondes. He has gotten over a lot of his "stranger danger" and will even let you hold him for a minute. We have always had to work to make him laugh, but lately it has become easier. He even made himself laugh the other day. He makes us smile…

Summer is fading into fall and the weather is now perfect for hikes.  And hey what better way is there to flare up allergies? A couple weeks ago we went on a hike with the Munions and Amy. We hiked up to a beautiful waterfall.  We stripped down the kids and let them enjoy playing in the little river. They loved it!

The Munions- Dave, Heidi, Riley, Joe

We also randomly ran into my cousin Trevor who happened to be rappelling down that same waterfall. Earlier that day, I was wondering what Trev would be doing on his last Saturday before he headed off on his mission... Oh you know just risking his life and letting us watch:) 

So my friend Amy just quit her job and has been working out with me (and the boys) every morning. It has been awesome to have a workout buddy again. She even trades off pushing the double jogger with me-that’s true friendship.  Anyways, we thought we’d do a nice little hike for our workout one morning and went to hike to the “G” with Kob and Linc. Yeah, probably not the smartest hike for kids. It was definitely more intense than hiking to the “Y”. I am proud to say we made it all the way to the top, each with a wiggly kiddo on our shoulders/back. 

September is flying by. MBA applications are due soon. James is working and studying like crazy which makes us really appreciate every moment we get with him. It will pay off someday soon.

James and I got new church callings a couple weeks ago-nursery leaders! Guess who we get to spend all of Sunday with now...

And what a treat he is:)

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