Thursday, August 30, 2012

A visit from Mom and Dad

This month, my parents made the extremely boring, long, 15 hour drive to Utah to give us and the Finch's some love. We had a great 10 days! And we sure did our best to make sure they wouldn't miss us too much when they left... Lucky Mom and Dad got to...

- sleep in our unfinished basement on a air mattress
- wake up to loud kids at 7 am
- cook us meals
- work on our rfi event
- come to and watch numerous soccer games 
- wash our car
- mow our yard
- sweep our basement
- fix our car... (which seriously would have blown up any day if Dad didn't come rescue us).

It must be so fun to go on vacation to visit your kids:) Probably a little expensive too. haha.

Despite all the work they did,we had lots of time for blowing bubbles, reading books, swimming, floating the river, going on walks, playing games, making jam, visiting family, and eating good food. The Finch's made sure they got to enjoy some sane time away too- hiking, shopping, and fishing trips.

Our Soccer fans:)
What a handsome guy
Mom and Uncle Pete helped make our rfi event great!
Em working hard
Grandma brought us lots of new books...Thank You!!
Shane and his mom
Conner won the massive Jazz shoes in our raffle...haha.
Watering the flowers made Koby have to...
Trev helping out with the silent auction.
Making jam, fruit leather, and frozen peaches with Mom.
Daddy-Daughter work in the yard:) 

Oh boys...

Finally, something that entertained Linc.
Cousins showing support -Jas and Andrew:)
Starting the Walk-a-Thon
Dad and Grandma DeFreese
We got to see my cousin Whitney and meet her new husband:)
Blowing bubbles with Grandma.

Our chefs:)
Uncle Terry and Hailey

Popping bubbles with Grandpa.
Koby definitely has the cleanest bikes on the block.
You guys sure wore us out!
Ten days went by too fast. They left. We were lonely. Its been two weeks and we are still lonely. Who wants to come visit us now? The basement is nice and swept free of spiders...all ready for another comfy air mattress.


rjd said...

Wish we could visit more often....What a wonderful family!

Scott and Lori Smith said...

What a blessed life! You all look like you had a lot of fun. :)