Saturday, March 3, 2012

Good Morning

This week, the award for the worst little sleepers ever goes to...

We have early risers and there's nothing we can do about it. Black out blinds? They don't even have a chance to work since our kids are up before the sun!

 Mon. 5:30 Linc/6:00 Koby
Tues. 4:30 Koby (Finally got Koby back to sleep at 6:10 and then...)/6:20 Linc
Wed. 5:40 Koby/6:00 Linc
Thurs. 5:45 Koby/6:15 Linc
Fri. 6:15 Koby/6:20 Linc
Sat. 6:20 Koby/ 6:30 Linc

Throw in a 4:30 am feeding for Lincoln, a few "I need to go potty"s from Koby, and James and I going to bed at midnight all week..Anyone jealous?? I forgot to mention the fact that Koby is not afraid of his child lock anymore so when he wakes up he comes into our room and jumps on top of us in bed..."I waked up. I'm not so tired anymore!" 

At least they've slept in til after 6 the last couple days! The blinds in our house are open at least 2 hours before all the neighbors. (With exception of a few neighbors who never open their blinds-how do these people live? I need light. Kids need light).

They wake up happy and bouncing off the walls every morning:)

Just watching the cars. 
Linc loves to look down at the dog next door.

Good thing we love them so much!


The Munions said...

eek - that's a rough schedule! Hope you get more sleep this week!

Rachel DeFreese said...

wow! I would take them for a day, so that you could sleep, if I lived there... That picture of Linc looking up at the camera while holding onto the chair is DARLING!

rjd said...

Ahhhh what a couple of cuties though. It could be worse....:)

Paige said...

Glad it's not here...I get grumpy if my kids come out of their room before 8. But your family is so darling, I guess it's all worth it :)