Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Anti-Depressant...

Sunshine. March weather rocks! Our weekend consisted of car washing, park playing, nightly walks, bike rides, races, bubbles, sidewalk chalk and a family run. It is amazing what a little sunshine can do to your spirits. I think it makes me high- I've been painting, re-arranging rooms, washing windows...etc.

Today was yet another nice day. The boys and I weeded outside. It is so exciting to have a yard to fix up. I really enjoy gardening with my little helpers... aside from Koby shoving worms in my face and Lincoln eating dirt and chewing on rocks.

It's hard to believe it where the time goes. Lincoln is 9 1/2 months! He has become very interactive lately-he raises his arms when James tells him to, even when it is followed by a tickle each time. Linc is constantly walking around the perimeter of the room holding onto things and he has taken 3 steps twice this week! Hopefully he will be walking early like Koby. That would make summer great! The little guy has also begun to say Mama. Well its more like, "Mumuma," but he knows who Mumuma is:) We are still working on Daddy though. His top left tooth poked out last week and his top right one is close behind. This of course means he is a biting name it, he bites it. He especially loves to race over and gnaw on out, it hurts!

Look at this pretty baby!!
This week Koby decided he wants to be on the show Wipeout when he is grown up. He also wants to marry grandma and grandpa, be a cave jumper, and have 5 kids- one of which will be named "Face"...what a lucky kid:)

Koby was a very photogenic baby. A three year old?  Well, lets just say it takes a lot of tries to get a good picture...

Its been a real good week. Please be here to stay Mr. Sun.

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rjd said...

Spring time???? Look at the grass in the pictures hahahaha. Cute Family. Tell Koby he can marry Gramma but I'm already taken. hahaha Linc always looks happy :)