Monday, October 31, 2011

Lisa and Dave's Wedding

Lisa and Dave got married on October 21st in the Sacramento temple.  About a week before the wedding, my dad, mom, and Sherry came out to Utah for Lisa's bridal shower and Utah reception.  Karen did not come because she had school or something lame like that (excuses, excuses).  It was a crazy week, and we weren't all that directly involved with the planning, setting up, tearing down, etc.  I can't imagine how stressed my mom, dad, and Lisa were.

Apparently the shower was pretty fun.  My mom won the "What random crap do you have in your pursue game."  When I came to pick up Megan and Lincoln I was shown a few presents that my sister received that I wish I would have never seen.  Nonetheless, I am glad everything went well.  During the shower, My Grandpa, Uncle, Caden, and Koby went to McDonald's.  We were planning on going bowling after, but the kids were having too much fun playing on the playground.  I seriously can't believe how disgusting those places are, but Koby was having a blast with all the other dirty little kids, so oh well.

Lisa and Dave's pre-wedding reception they had up in Draper was really nice.  They had a waffle company cater.  It was delicious.  I wish I had some of those waffles right now.

Koby got a little crazy, so I took him outside after about 30 minutes or so.  There was a football practice going on and Koby had a blast watching that.  After the practice was done one of the players stuck around to practice punting.  Koby ran on the field and got about 20 feet from the kid and started yelling, "Good job!  Score a touchdown!"  It was pretty funny.

Four generations of Huntington boys
The day after the Utah reception we drove to California for the actual wedding.  We left at about 7pm Wednesday night and made it all the way to South Jordan before we had to stop for a bathroom and food break.  The rest of the trip went ok.  There were a fewKoby freak outs and a couple times when Lincoln woke up, but overall it wasn't terrible, aside from the lack of sleep.

We got to Elk Grove around 5:30am.  I stayed up with Koby and played with him.  My mom has a ton of toys from her daycare, so Koby always has a fun time there.  I tired to sleep a little, but Koby didn't let me.  The second my eye would start to shut, Koby would yell, "Wake up Daddy and play with me!"  Good times.

Later that day, Lisa went to the temple for her endowment.  We were sad that we couldn't go, but I was really happy for Lisa.  It is fun to see how much she has grown up.

That night we went out to the Old Spaghetti Factory with Dave's family for dinner.  It was fun getting to meet all of them.

The next day was Lisa's wedding.  It was a pretty stressful morning.  My parents, Megan, Lincoln, and Lisa left for the temple about 5 minutes before Koby, Sherry, Karen, and I did.  I think it took us 25 minutes to finally get more than a mile away from our house because my mom or Lisa would call with something they forgot and would ask us to go back and pick it up.  It's all good though, because by some miracle we made it to the temple with time to spare. 

The sealing was great.  I don't really remember what our sealer said when Megan and I got married, so it's always nice to go to other sealings and really listen to the things they say.  It was nice to see how happy Lisa and Dave were, you could really see how much they love and care about each other.

The reception that night was fun.  It was great to see family and friends that we hadn't in awhile.

The next day we just hung out and ate leftover wedding food all day.  That evening, before we headed back to Utah, we went to the park with my parents.  The parks in Elk Grove are awesome.  I am yet to see a park in Utah that compares.  Koby had a blast running around with my dad, and Lincoln had fun with Grandma Takako.

We hopped into the car not too long after getting back from the park.  It was a short trip, but a good one.  We were all exhausted from all the festivities.  I think I was about ready to pass out about an hour into the drive.  Let me tell you, I think driving while you are sleepy is one of the worst forms of torture imaginable.  With the help on sun flower seeds, two 5-hour energy's, and 40 ounces of Red Bull, 12 hours later we finally made it home... just in time for the kids to wake up and not let us sleep for another several hours.  Gotta love traveling with kids :)


lisamarie21188 said...

I can't believe I haven't read this until now! Loved it :) By the way, dod you guys happen to get any pictures of the waffles? Silly question but I have any and it's good memories...

James said...

@Lisa - I don't think we do. Sorry!