Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Cougar Run

This past Saturday we did another 5k with a bunch of awesome folks with Run for Innocence.  It was a blast, although it was freezing cold.  Luckily Scott let me borrow a beanie and gloves (Megan used the gloves for the last half of the run).

We had to get to the race a bit early to hand out some t-shirts.  I felt bad for Lincoln and Koby.  They were both wrapped up so tight in blankets they looked like they were in cacoons.  I guess that's better than hypothermia. 

The race was fun.  Megan, Emily, the boys, and I ran together the entire time.  Koby had fun looking at all the people cheering.  Towards the end Koby started asking if he could run, so we let him run the last quater mile.  He did really well.  He actually went back out onto the track several times and ran more.  I bet if we let him, he could have ran the entire thing!

Here are some more pictures of the race:

Afterwards we went to the Homecoming parade.  The kids had fun catching candy.  Me on the other hand, I just stood there freezing to death while holding lincoln for a couple hours wondering what the purpose of parades were.  Maybe a parade at Disneyland would be cool, but I don't get too excited about seeing the BYU social Science Club marching by.  Although the Quils and Swords club was awesome... those kids are so cool :)

After the parade we went to Dehn and Catherine's to warm up and have some hot chocolate.  They have a hot chocolate machine called the "Cocomotion," it is amazing!  Pefect tempurature and it isn't lumpy.  Nothing worse than lumpy hot chocolate.  Anyway, the kids warmed up by playing in the bath.  Overall, besides freezing to death, it was a really fun day!

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