Thursday, November 4, 2010

Have Yours Dreams Ever Been Crushed?

Did you want to be the President of the United States when you were younger?  Were you sure that you were going to be the next Jerry Rice or Michael Jordan?  Did your parents tell you that you could be anything you wanted to be?

Have you ever had your dreams crushed because you came to the realization that you are an immigrant and can't become President?  Or were they crushed the day you went out for basketball tryouts and everyone was three feet taller than you?

Well I had a dream once.  When I grew up I wanted to be like Abraham Lincoln, Confucius, and Karl Marx.  Did I want to be president?  No.  Did I want to be honest?  Not really something that I have aspired to be.  Did I want to be wise?  Nope.  Did I want to be a communist?  For a little while, but I grew out of that.  What I wanted was to be able to grow a beard.  William Shakespeare once said, "He that hath a beard is more than a youth, and he that hath no beard is less than a man."  I wanted to don the mark of a distinguished, wise, and powerful man.  But here I am, approaching my 26th birthday, and due to my genes I am only able grow facial hair comparable to a 14 year old.  Do I blame this on my parents?  Maybe, but I know they didn't not wish this upon me.

To my immigrant friend who cannot become president, there is always governor.  To my short friend, there is always Madden.  For me, thanks to the discovery of, there is always photo shop.

According to a poll by, 50% of women like scruff, 20% like clean shaven, 13% like full beards, 12% like goatees, 4% like sideburns, and 2% like the 'stache.  Well at least I can do a little scruff and I have no problem being clean shaven.  That accounts for 70%.  I just hope Megan falls into that 70%.  I'll ask her tonight.


justjen said...

Eeeew James! that is one messy lookin beard! I'm all about the clean shaven! However so sorry to hear of your crushed dreams ;)

Sheryl's Stuff said...

I think Rob feels the same as you. He tried that while he was gone for 3 weeks to National Jamboree. We were in the house 5 minutes and that "beard" came off. I am all about clean shaven and handsome. :-) I say find a new dream but keep that one in the back of your mind, maybe when you are 40 it will be different!

Rachel DeFreese said...

Hahaha! The next picture should be photo-shopped of you giving Megan a whisker rub.... she loves those!

Paige said...

I like scruff and clean shaven and goatees, but not whole beards. Seriously James, you totally crack me up, but you look like a werewolf with that beard. I think you should thank your genes for doing you a favor.

The Way I See It said...

You do make me laugh James, but...don't like the beard. :)