Sunday, July 11, 2010

High Maintenance

Before Koby can settle down for a nap, he has to have his toys with him. He whimpers, "Bike, Bike" I give him his bike... Then,"Tar, Tar...Montey, Montey, etc." Today, he asked for a stinkin HIPPO! So he is in his crib, sleeping with a bath toy that I didn't think he knew existed.

The other day I put his music on and bundled Koby up and he says, "Sing." I said, "Koby Mommy doesn't sing." He said, "Mommy, Sing!!"

Today was the first day of nursery... YAY! He lasted 30 minutes. I almost forgot what church was like without chasing a little stinker around. Next week we are shootin for 45 minutes:)

By the way, I got a glimpse of Nursery today...God bless those special leaders!


Brittany said...

yay for nursery!! 4 more months for Brandon!

Malerie said...

Isn't it crazy how particular these little munchkins are? They have quite the personalities which makes it fun and challenging sometimes :) Hooray for nursery and nursery leaders!

The Waggoners said...

I know exactly how you feel. If it weren't for my mom being a nursery leader I don't think Clayton would have ever let me leave. Now he is fine when we are in a different ward, that just means more kids to play with. Aubrey has until November. We *can't* wait!

The Way I See It said...

This post just makes me laugh. He's SO STINKIN cute! I do agree that the leaders in Nursery should receive many blessings.