Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Steve and Janelle are the first of our friends to move away:( Janelle got into Duke for her PA. Yay! Sad day for us though. I guess you won't always live 10 minutes from your best friends. Yesterday we had one last get together...

Koby and Anna are best friends. They get along better than any little kids I know. They never fight and always kiss each other goodbye. The last couple times we have had to pry Koby away from her. You can hear him screaming a mile away, "Annaaaaaaaaaaa" as we have to drag his arching, little body to the car.

So in this picture James is about to eat it! The boys were having some kind of He-Man Competition. You think we go to the park for the kids...

Tomorrow we are off to Washington for some surfing and family fun!

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