Monday, April 5, 2010

Food Poisoning

Blah. Friday was James' mission reunion. A bunch of us made Sushi, Curry, and Gyoza...some of my favorite foods. Needless to say I will not have any of them for a long long time. We all took the left overs home afterward. Saturday we ate some. And then it began...

Saturday night James and I were up all night. I can't remember the last time I have thrown up so much. James found comfort by sleeping in the bath tub from 2-5am. Sunday was bad too. We were weak and queasy all day. But James and I could deal with it. Poor little Koby. He threw up once on Saturday (At his friend's Easter party) and FOUR more times on Sunday. He couldn't eat all day without throwing it right back up:(

Our friends Mike, Dave, Steve, Janelle, Emily, and Jill all got sick too. Steve threw up 12 times!

I think it was out too long while transporting it from the reunion. Lesson learned. Koby's first Easter he could enjoy he didn't. And we missed most of conference:( But we are happy to say the worst has past. And we all feel much better. However, I've come to the conclusion Food Poisoning is worse than Pregnancy.

Here's our weekend pictures. Poor Koby was covered in throw up for his Easter egg hunt:(


Brittany said...

oh, megan. i'm so sorry!! that sounds awful. but koby looks so cute!

Megan said...

So... Seth and I have been down all weekend with the stomach flu, is this all coincidence? Cari Gates,started throwing up Sat night at 8pm and ended up in the ER to get an IV she was so dehydrated. her fiance, who went to the reunion too, threw up once Sunday. Seth was sick starting Sun 2am, sparing details he was SUPER messed up and went to the urgent care during the morning session - he got a shot in the butt and we both got meds. I started bonding with the toilet Sunday morning at 8am and had a fever Sat night through sunday - but I'm sure that was b/c of my mastitis. All four of us had eaten at Gates' bridal shower that was Saturday night - we thought it was that. Maybe it was related to the reunion though. Doesn't matter... but this stuff sucks! I'm sorry to hear lots of others got so sick. WE're sooo weak and have no energy, luckily Scarlett hasn't shown any signs of sickness. I hope you guys get back to 'normal soon! Seth's at the grocery store getting soup - it'll be our first meal since Saturday - I'm finally excited to eat something!!!

Aaron and Devon said...

No fun at all! I'm glad you guys are feeling better though.