Monday, February 22, 2010

Oh Sundays.

Sundays are interesting. I don't think the 3-hour church block has ever seemed so long until we had Koby. I should have enjoyed when he was a newborn at church more. James and I generally take turns with him in Sacrament and Relief Society/Priesthood. On my week, I feel lucky if I come out of church remembering one important thing. He is pretty distracting. When he is not trying to make a run for the piano in R.S., he is playing Peek-a-Boo with the people sitting behind us. We teach a Sunday School class of 17 fifteen year olds. Koby is constantly trying to steal their candy, scriptures, and anything else they have under their chairs.

Something funny I noticed on Sunday is... Koby waves his hand in the air whenever we start singing a hymn. I was watching him and realized he was staring towards the front of the chapel at the director and trying to lead the music along with her. We may have a future Craig Jessop.

As fun as he is, we can't wait til he can go to nursery!!


Paige said...

We're counting down with Monkey, too. (3 months from this coming Sunday). Luckily Dave and I aren't together for all three hours, so he takes her for hour 2 and I have her for hour 3...which gives both of us a nice break.

Malerie said...

Yes unfortunately Sundays are generally the hardest days for us too. But Nursery is wonderful. You're almost there. Hang in there :)