Monday, February 8, 2010

Little fishy

I think Koby would live in the water if he could. I'm pretty sure he rubs his PB&J all through his hair on purpose so he can take 2 baths a day.

Lehi has this rec center with a really fun indoor pool. It has slides, baby jumpy swings, lazy river, tropical fort, etc. And its cheap. Friday we went with the Craig's. Anna, Koby, and even 3-month old Luke couldn't get enough! Both Koby and Anna's lips turned blue and still they would not get out. I would take Koby out and dry him off; Then he would climb off my lap and run in. He even went down this huge water slide with James. (James held him above his head)

So I don't think the terrible two's are the problem. I think the hard time is when they are little and have a hard time communicating. Koby has begun to throw tantrums. One minute he is smiling and happily playing with his vacuum and the very next minute it begins...

You'll know when one starts because his little body goes floppy, he folds in half and throws himself on the floor. haha. You can't help but laugh. I even took a picture. I don't entertain his tantrums, so I am hoping they'll only last for a little bit. He's a treat:) and I love him.

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Rachel DeFreese said...

If we had a nice bathtub I'd be rubbing PB and J all throughout my hair too! Oh, these pictures make me miss you guys!