Saturday, February 21, 2009

More Koby...

The other morning Koby was "talking"... or cooing I guess...aton. By the time I got the camera we only got the end of it. This isn't the most exciting video but it is for the grandparents!

Rach came over the other day and helped me stamp Koby's hand and foot print to scrapbook... it was a joke! By the time we were done he had blue ink all over his face too.

I know he is over the weight limit for the newborn diapers but they still fit him! He gains all his weight in his upper body and he still has no butt and chicken legs!

Last weekend we moved from Provo to Lehi. James' grandparents bought a 3 story house with a basement apartment that we are renting. It has 3 bedrooms! It also has a living room that is about 3x the size of our old one... we were able to buy couches now! Ill post pictures when it looks a little more set up. Here are some pictures of our old apartment though. Now Koby has his own room too - no more crib next to our bed!!

Our little apartment was great! We miss it. And believe it or not, we actually miss Provo too!


Brittany said...

you moved?? it must be SO nice to have all that space!

Malerie said...

cute place and cute boy!

Kevin Potter said...

You moved to Lehi? Where?? You, James, Koby and Rachel should all come over for dinner some time! We are neighbors!

Kevin Potter said...

That was me, Beth publishing tha tcomment!!