Saturday, January 17, 2015


Koby started Kindergarten in August! His Teacher is Mrs. Bok. She is a great teacher.

Koby started school about a week or so late. The kids in his class were so excited for "the new kid" to come. And Koby really enjoyed being that guy. Kindergarten is full day down here, 8:10-2:38 Mon-Fri. It was an exhausting first week for our little guy.  When we picked him up after his first day, he asked us, "Can we just go home and take a nap?  I am exhausted."  He has adjusted since then and so have we. Koby needs to be entertained and busy all the time. School is perfect for him.

Koby was really lucky his Aunt Emily was in town and got to take him to school with us on his first day.

We met some awesome friends the first couple days we were here, the Taylor's and the Nielson's. We all walk to and from school together everyday. Three moms, and seven kids. We sure are a sight when we walk!

Here are his school pictures:

Here were our his cheesy practice pictures in the morning.
We sure have a cute little Kindergartener!

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