Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Kai Randall Huntington

On June 6th of this year we were blessed with another beautiful, healthy baby boy. Meet Kai Randall Huntington. Kai is a Japanese name. Randall is my dad's name.

Kai was born on Friday, June 6, 2014. I checked into the hospital at 9 am. While James and I were waiting them to start the induction process we got to listen to the woman next to us scream bloody murder. Seriously, she sounded as if she was being tortured to death. It freaked me out a little. I kept thinking, "I forget, Is labour that bad?" We were all relieved when we heard a baby crying.

Anyways, they started my pitocin at 10:15 am (when I was dilated to a 1.5). I got my ephidheral at 1:20 pm. At 1:45 I was dilated to a 5. With only a couple pushes, Kai was born at 3:32 in the afternoon. He was 7 lb. 15 oz. and 19.5 inches long. He had huge feet and no bum. Haha.

My sister Emily got to be in the delivery room with us and witness Kai's birth (from up by my head). She was able to record the whole thing and take pictures for us. I am so grateful for her and also to my mom for flying down for two weeks. It was such a relief knowing she was with Koby and Lincoln while James and I were in the hospital.

From the moment Kai was born he had the sweetest little spirit about him. He even slept for six hours straight that first night! He was and still is a happy, calm, sweet, baby. I love him more than words could express. Poor baby came to us at the busiest time in our lives-when we were selling our house, moving out-of-state, and when James was quitting his job and starting school. That being said, God sure blessed me with the best baby who could handle our crazy life.

I will post lots and lots of pictures when our computer gets fixed, but for now I'll just have to post these couple pictures from my phone. Sorry for the poor, poor quality.

Meeting Koby for the first time.

Meeting Linc for the first time
This is a picture of all three boys in the hospital. Just for comparison.
Kai (upper L), Koby (bottom L), and Linc (R)

My sweet, puffy eyed baby.

Kai came out with lots of dark hair.

We were able to leave the hospital when Kai was 24 hours old.  Yay for a healthy baby!

There will be lots more, better quality pictures posted soon, but for now these will do. Our family is so blessed. We love baby Kai.

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Sam Ames said...

I love his name. What a sweet baby! Congrats, again! Hope you are getting settled and adjusted to life as a Mama of 3!