Wednesday, February 5, 2014

My baby is five

Last week Koby turned five! I cannot believe we have been parents for five, long, wonderful years. At about 10 pm on the night before Koby's birthday, James and I heard a knock at the door. Guess who it was...Grandpa DeFreese!! My dad came into town to help my uncle and grandma with a move. He decided not to tell us and to make it a surprise. And a happy surprise it was! Koby was so excited when he came downstairs on his birthday to find Grandpa sleeping on the couch. He still thinks Grandpa DeFreese came down just for his special day!

We love birthdays! James always takes the kids' birthdays off and we spend the day doing fun things as a family. This year we got to eat breakfast and open presents with Grandpa, play Legos in our pj's all morning, and go to Chucky Cheese. (Chucky Cheese was Koby's one request for his birthday). It's funny to think $10.00 of tokens could make a kid so happy! Koby and Linc had a blast.

Later after dinner we had our family and the Craig's over for some monster cupcakes and ice cream. It was an exhausting, fun day.

Yesterday we registered our little five year old for Kindergarten. This has been a moment I have been counting down the days for. However, now that it is finally here James and I both find ourselves a little sad. Our baby is growing up!

Today I had my first parent/teacher conference. Immediately after sitting down, I could feel my face get red and I started to sweat... I must need to get out and interact with adults more!  It's hard to believe James and I are mature enough for this stuff :)

Koby is a smart kid. He is doing amazing at reading and loves to recite his days, months, seasons, vowels, etc. for us. One thing I especially love about him is his friendly nature and his sweet personality. He is very good at making friends. In fact, one of the reasons we did not have a birthday party for him this year was because he has too many friends and we just did not have enough room to invite them all. His teacher, Mrs. Watson, told me that Koby took a new girl under his wing the other day in his class. He sat next to her and told her everything they had to do. He sure makes me proud. Especially when he says things like this...

K: "Dad, don't say that. That is rude! Do you want me to repeat that to my friends? You always teach me the bad stuff!"
J: "What?! What does mom teach you?"
K:"Mom just teaches me the good stuff."

Haha. Poor James!

A note from Mrs. Watson

Sweet boy :)
Koby loves to draw. This is James zip-lining, Shane waiting to catch him, and Emily and Koby about to zip-line down next.

Linc and Koby have sure become buddies. I have started having Koby's friends come to our house most of the time because when he is gone poor Lincoln falls apart. Linc will run around the whole house yelling, "Koby! Koby where are you?!" Then he will come to me and in a whimper say, "Where Koby go?!" Poor Linc. Although life is pretty great now that they are such good buddies, it also means they fight like crazy too. Usually it is tough Lincoln that always brings his brother to tears, haha. 

Here is Linc moping because Koby was gone at a friend's house.

Onto another note... A few weeks ago we found out the gender of the baby. Immediately, when the lady put the wand on my belly, both James and I could see that it was a BOY! We are really excited and so blessed to raise three little men. June just needs to hurry up and get here already! This pregnancy seems to be going so slow, but I can't complain because this little baby still lets me run :) In fact, he did flips for 4 miles today! He must be an athlete.

20 weeks on Koby's birthday
About 22 weeks...with two crazies

And here are some random pictures and videos of our life...

Riding bikes in January!
Lincoln's first love...his red hat.

"What do you want to be when you grow up mom? I want to be a boy doctor and a daddy. But I'm still figuring it out." -Koby
Emily's birthday kisses
Em turns 23!


rjd said...

I did come for Koby's Birthday...;)
What a fun family you have. You guys make me proud!

Tawna said...

Love the video of the boys dancing, and love that James takes everyone's birthday off! What a good Dad! You guys are so great. Love you!

Chelsea Fullmer said...

I love how your boys always have hats on. They are so cute. You look fabulous prego with #3.