Monday, January 28, 2013


Tomorrow our little man turns 4! It's crazy to think it's been four years since James and I have relaxed. He is a little guy with a big personality! We are blessed.

The other day, Koby's primary teacher from church asked me what are 5 things about Koby that are special to our family. Well, here we go...

1. He is very energetic and full of life. 
          Koby always entertains us. It is actually quite fun playing with him because it usually involves us chucking pillows or balls at him while he tries to complete an obstacle and giggles like crazy :)

2. He is a daredevil and is willing to try anything.
          His loves are not the typical superheroes, cars, or trains. This kid loves snowboarding, cave jumping, skateboarding and skydiving. It sure makes shopping for birthday presents difficult. This year he can't stop talking about his "skate ramp" he wants with tech deck skateboards.

3. He says hi to everyone and makes friends everywhere we go. 

        At the end of my soccer game last week he was running around with a group of 8-10 year old girls. He always includes everyone too.

His favorite little lady, Anna :)

4. He loves to learn and is a smarty pants.

          Lately he has been sounding out words when we read :)

5. He is sweet and never passes up an opportunity to give hugs

We love watching him learn and grow! Happy Birthday Koby!


Tawna said...

Such a sweet, fun kid. :) Certainly have your hands full with all that creative energy, but mostly just full of fun and love! ;) Happy birthday, Koby!

rjd said...

Happy Birthday little Buddy! Grandma and Grampa love you bunches!

The Munions said...

What a great son! Happy birthday, Koby!

Amy Smith said...

Wish we could have been there. Happy Birthday Kobster!