Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Goodbye Fall

The last month has flown by so fast!

Lets see. Halloween came and went...

Then, Our first "big" snow happened...

On November 14th we celebrated James' 28th birthday. Emily, Shane, Sherry, and her boyfriend Cameron came over to help us eat some cake. It was a fun day, but I am pretty sure James' favorite thing was a Jimmy John's sandwich delivery he received at lunch time. The Finch's sure do know the way to his heart- a hot sandwich. It gets him every time:)

The boys and I caught a mean stomach bug that lasted for a couple weeks! Poor Linc threw up 4 times one evening. The next day he was super floppy and made me hold him all day.

Our poor little guy was wiped out for a couple days after...

We celebrated Linc's 18 month b-day by taking him to nursery! Woohoo! He went like a champ, but then fell asleep for a good hour and a half- of course ruining his nap for the day.

Linc has grown up alot lately. He is still a sturdy thing,  but he has been thinning out alot. He is obsessed with Disney's Cars- The movies, the cars, the books, you name it, he loves it. He is still quite a bit of a mama's boy and he hates crowds, but he has been becoming more adventurous lately. He and Koby are beginning to play together- they chase each other around giggling a lot. Overall, he's a sweetie.

Koby has quite the imagination lately. He loves playing with G.I. Joe toy guys, "Koby and James" to be exact. They do everything together. He is always building Disneyland rides for them.  It is funny to watch him play. Thanks to his Halloween costume he has been dressing up as a prisoner all month long. He does everything in handcuffs. This is also quite entertaining:)

Monday we learned about the story of the 10 lepers and what it means to be thankful. I think it stuck with Koby. He now knows God gives us our blessings...

K: "Hey Mom, can we go to Disneyland sometime this week?"
M: "No, you need lots of money to go to Disneyland. We don't have any money to go."
K: "Mom! I have lots and lots of money. It's in my football bank and my soccer bank."
M: "Koby you needs hundreds of dollars to go."
K: "But mom, I have hundreds of dollars."
M: "Oh yeah? Where did you get hundreds of dollars?"
K: "Heavenly father gave it to me and I was just so happy!"

I can't wait to have some sweet conversations with Linc too. Although Linc does have his own little way of communicating with us ...

L: "Caaahs, Caaahs"
M: "You wanna watch Cars?"
L: "grunt, grunt, Cahs!" ...runs to the couch.

James' family came out for Thanksgiving...And what a fun weekend we had. i forgot to take pictures, but it involved the new Twilight movie- Breaking Dawn, a tumbling gym(to celebrate Karen's 18th birthday), and too much good food. They camped out in sleeping bags in our cold basement so we were able to see a lot of them which was nice! And hey they didn't die from hypothermia down there.... Anyone else want to come camp out?

I love Thanksgiving. It's  nice to have a holiday to remind us to Thank God for all our blessings... After all,"All things denote there is a God."


Aaron and Devon said...

Love the Disneyland conversation. We have similar ones all the time. Except Heavenly Father doesn't give Chloe any money. Koby is too cute.

Paige said...

Your family is so cute, I can hardly stand it. And the handcuffs?! adorable.