Saturday, October 13, 2012

Mr. Sass

Who would have thought reading books to Koby would teach him so much sass.

Anytime I show the slightest frustration and tell him he needs to obey, he replies in an angry voice,

“If you be mean to me mommy, I am just going to run away!!”  Then he storms off in a hustle.

(Thanks Mercer Mayer)

Also, thanks to a good manners book…

K: “Mom do you want a headband?”
M: (busy driving…) “Um, not right now.”
K: “Mom that is not polite! Do you want a headband?”
M: “Not right now, thank you.”
K:  “No you say, no thank you Koby! ... Mom, do you want a headband?”
M: “No thank you Koby!”
K:  (Clapping his hands...) “Mom, Good job that was so polite!! I am proud of you!”

The little stink;)

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Amy Smith said...

I love this! Megan, you should have known better--honestly ;)