Saturday, August 6, 2011

Boys will be boys

I tell ya, there is never a dull (or relaxing) moment when you live with 3 boys!

Our closing date, which was supposed to be last Thursday, has now moved to the end of this week. We are doing anything and everything to pass the time until we move...

Shooting bugs outside with Kob's sweet gun someone abandoned at the park
Watching Lincoln grow so fast

Taking a rope swing ride
Strippin' down at the public park to enjoy the FREEZING cold, melted snow
Learning what grass is
Enjoying Linc's first teeter-totter ride...

...with the whole family:)
Enjoying Koby's recently found imagination
Squeezing the cutest cheeks ever
Watching Linc make funny faces all day
Hanging out with "Grandma Takako"
Eating James' Perfected Okonomiyaki with Aunt Lisa and "Grandpa Takako"
Sporting some traditional Japanese attire from James' cousin Chika
Wearing it all day long... and all around town
Swimming with Shane and Em
Learning to do some artificial Surfing and getting a free Enema
Shane making it look easy
Putting on all the tattoos Koby could find and doing what all men do in their spare time - pullups, anywhere and everywhere possible, all day long.
Internet is being shut off on Monday. Let's pray we move shortly after:) Until we meet again...


Heidi said...

Fun times and cute pics! :) I especially like Lincoln's squishy face.

Heidi said...
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Aaron and Devon said...

Let us know if you need any help moving! Love all the pictures!

The Way I See It said...

Fun, good times. I love Koby's creativity with his clothes. Jordan used to dress like that. The shoes were always cowboy boots, even when playing T-ball. The tatoos remind me of sharing time in Primary this past Sunday when temples and Jesus' house were being talked about and one of my little Sunbeams yells out, "I have TATOOS!!!" Great!

Tawna said...

"Grandpa Takkako".... :) haha.