Sunday, October 24, 2010

Little Moments

Every now and then between all the dirty diapers, temper tantrums, hitting, timouts, spilled drinks, flying food, and being offered ketchup-dipped bananas, there are moments that remind us why we are so blessed to be parents and have Koby in our lives.  Today we had a few of those moments.

Moment #1:
Sitting in church today, Koby was enjoying some marshmallows while sitting on Megan's lap. He started praying in a loud voice, "Heavly Fadder, thank you day, thank you food, thank you marshmallows, AMEN!"  I guess he was just grateful for those marshmallows and had to let Heavenly Father know right then.

Moment #2:
Before dinner we were watching a church DVD and the menu was left on the TV with a large picture of Jesus... While eating dinner Koby turns towards the TV and says, "Toast Jesus, Here go, its good, yummy."

Moment #3:
Also during dinner, he said, "I want juice!" I held his juice and said, "what do you say?" Koby then gets a whiny face and says again that he wants juice. I say "Koby you say please". Then he looks at us with a FAKE pouty face and says, "Koby cry Waa, Waa!" Ha, manipulation from a one year old taught to him by none other than his mom. Sometimes if he won't give Megan a kiss she'll say, "Koby, mommy wants a kiss, I'm gonna cry...  Waa, Waa!" I guess we know that he is a little sponge sucking up all the things we teach him, intentional or not.

Moment #4 (not proud of this one, but it made me smile):
Koby dropped his colored pencils today and said, "Aw crap!"  Megan doesn't say that stuff, so I guess I will have to watch my language around him, oops.

He just started using "I" and "too" this week. The other day he saw a soccer game and said "I play soccer too."

Our little boy is a growin' fast, but all this stuff makes me glad that I'm a dad.


Stephanie said...

So cute, I can't wait for Brighton to start talking.

Kylee said...

Um, that is adorable! He is gorgeous. Sidebar James...Randell and I were talking the other day and he mentioned how YOU read your letters in the MTC, and how y'all made that kind of a habit. LOL Will you teach Koby that too?? :)

James and Megan said...

Haha, maybe when he is older. Hope you guys are doing well.

The Way I See It said...

I love hearing about parenthood and cute little Koby. It always takes me back to when my kids were little. I can not read your posts without shedding a tear or two. So precious.