Friday, May 21, 2010

Rock Climbing

Shane(aka Spider-man) took us rock climbing outside last weekend. It was so different from climbing indoors at the Quarry. It was hard, but pretty sweet too. Luckily we've been practicing our pull ups lately...

So crazy story, when we were climbing there was this kid climbing next to us trying to set up his group's ropes. He got his carabiner hooked onto the rock and then went to put his rope in and missed. We heard a girlish scream and looked over to see him fall a good 10 feet before the guy belaying caught him. It was scary.

Shane did all of our free climbing to set up the ropes. He goes climbing multiple times a week and climbs better than Spider-man. He took some sweet pictures for us too.

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Megumi said...

Hey, Sorry we couldnt make it last night! but Thanks for inviting us! We'll have to get together again soon!