Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Basically all about Koby...

I got to spend my birthday with 3 of the most important people... James, Koby, and Rach. We went to Tucanos for lunch.... yum! Since it was the day before mother's day they gave me free cheesecake...YUM! Since it was a celebration, Koby got to try some new tastes- a little whipped cream and lemon. The sour lemon didn't seem to phase him. He just kept licking and licking.

At 3 1/2 months Koby is a little talker! He just talks to himself all day. He can now roll over from his stomach to his back - probably because he hates his stomach. The other day I laid him on a mirror to make it more interesting for him. He LOVES his refelection. It's his new best friend. He will be crying and I'll put him infront of the mirror and he immediately smiles. Haha. It's kinda like he is flirting with himself. He is constantly trying to suck his face in the mirror too.

Koby has also learned to pull his binky out and put it back in. When he doesn't have a binky to suck on his hands are in his mouth. He tries shoving all 10 fingers in there - poor kid frequently chokes on his own hand.

The weather here is getting hot! Target makes these great food holders for kids to suck on... Koby's eats ice in his and LOVES it. He screams when we take it away.

Koby took his first swim with his girlfriend Anna last week. It may not look like it, but he did enjoy it! I'm afraid he got my stubby legs...His swim trunks go down to his feet.

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Ashley said...

I totally was thinking about you on your birthday! Hope your b-day/mother's day weekend was great too. Koby is seriously adorable, btw. Hope I can see you guys again soon. Maybe more one on one next time so we can really catch up!!