Thursday, October 2, 2008


Maternity clothes suck. Someone needs to start a stylish maternity line. James and I went to motherhood maternity last week - I am finally out growing regular shirts so we thought it must be time to get some maternity tops. I tried on the smallest shirts and looked pretty ridiculous.So I still do not have any maternity clothes. Luckily right now those long tunic-like shirts are in. Ill be wearing those now. If anyone knows where to get cute maternity clothes let me know!

On Monday, Dehn and Catherine invited us to go to their bishop's peach orchard. They are done picking for the season and have millions of peaches for people to pick. We picked a billion PERFECT peaches. Yesterday Catherine and I made peach jam. Yum! Well I haven't tried it, but it should be good. We made like 30 or 40 containers! Also, I made peach cobbler/crisp. I know its not hard and I'm sure anyone can make it, but let me just say I make a mean peach crisp.

James and I have become pretty domestic lately. Not only am I pretty good with peaches, but James ground wheat for about an hour on Sunday and we made some good (very wheaty) cinnamon rolls. They have been breakfast all week because Rachel and James are carb loading for the St. George Marathon on Saturday!! Woohoo.

They are both crazy...26 straight miles. Last Saturday, after just 3 1/2 hours of sleep, James got up and ran 20 miles on a treadmill! Then he went and played football with his friends, then to work-on his feet all day, and then right to his soccer game! We leave tomorrow for St. George and then Saturday we are going to Vegas! I have never been. Rach and James will probably be dead, but it should be fun.

I'll post pictures when we get back on Sunday.

This week James started his new job... the hours are great! and it will look so good on his MBA resume. Although he really misses the people at Buckle, he really likes this job.
Last week we got our crib! I was so excited I put it together while James was at work. And with the exception of a very stubborn screw, did the whole thing! James' request... we have been getting cute sports-themed stuff. We are getting so ready for him to come. .. Today I had a 24 week appointment. 16 more weeks to go. Time is flying by already. The baby is healthy! I'm fat, but still healthy!

Here's our rearranged room... We are going to be squished for a bit!


kkrowan said...

Hey lady!

Check Its a site where people hand make things. They have cute everything!

Adam and Ashley said...

Hey megan! I think about you often...wish we could hang out! I'm just SO excited for you guys. Being a mommy is absolutely the best job ever. But yeah, i pretty much just bought bigger sizes of regular shirts (the tunic type ones like you said)and those worked right up until delivery day. I wanna see some picts of your cute belly...God Bless!

Tara Rickards said...

You are way too cute! Are you coming to CA anytime soon? I have a bunch of maternity clothes! Mimi Maternity usually has cute stuff! They even carry For All Man Kind Jeans! Pricy, but way cute!

Vikash and Desiree Prakash said...

If you are looking for low-cost maternity clothes both Gap and Old Navy have maternity lines. But overall, the really cute stuff tends to be really expensive. Apparently they think no normal people want to look good while pregnant. You are such a cute pregnant lady!

James and Megan said...

Thanks guys!

Whitney and Allen Bennett said...

Hey megan! I dont know if you remember me from back home but we used to hang out with the same guys in high school! Anyways, I just wanted to say hi! I found your blog from Chelsea's. It is so great that you two are pregnant! How far along are you now? You look so great! I absolutely love that last picture you was so stinkn' cute! Anyways, I am 16 weeks along and also having a little boy. I think boys are just the best. Little girls are so cute, but little boys are just "studs" so I am so excited. I agree with you that maternity clothes suck. I am at that awkward stage where I dont look pregnant and just have a weird gut. My normal clothes are too tight but maternity clothes are too big. How did you get past that stage? I just cant handle it anymore... Anyways I just wanted to say hi and see how you were doing. Have a great day!

Aaron and Devon Searle said...

Thanks for the update! You are looking so cute. Be glad that the tunic shirts are in style. I wore a bunch of the baby doll shirts in a size bigger than usual. It was nice too because they are cheaper than maternity and you can wear them afterwards when you are still feeling fat but don't want to wear maternity (not that you will have a problem with that)
Good luck James on the marathon! You are my hero- I am pooped after 2 miles so 20+ seems insane!